The Perils of Rapidly Losing Weight

can-gastritis-cause-weight-loss-1024x683If it is possible to be healthier and looking fit in one day, who would not want that? Even with the dangers of rapid weight loss, there are still many people who want to lose weight quick. Perhaps this is because of envy when they hear about friends losing 20 kilos in a month. And then they imagine how they would look like a month from now.

But rapid weight loss is dangerous. To stay safe, one should aim for an average of 1 kilo per week. If it is much more than that, there are some potential health concerns.

Gallstones are usually formed by bile and cholesterol. Rapid weight loss can increase the biliary sludge which contributes to their formation. Gallbladder attacks are painful and would need surgery to remove. Uncontrolled and unchecked, it may also lead to gallbladder rupture, with possible serious consequences.

Rapid weight loss is draining and will leave a person tired and depleted. During such times, quality of life, not to mention work, deteriorates. Along with losing energy, there is the danger of having fewer nutrients in the body.

If eating healthy is not a guarantee that all essential nutrients are at optimal levels, then losing weight rapidly makes it worse. The lack of these substances is a cause for chronic degenerative diseases.

There are too many other dangers of losing weight rapidly to mention here, but suffice to say, after putting one’s self at great health risk, it may all be for naught. Because rapid weight loss often has a rebound effect. Not only does one regain all the weight, but may even add to it.

So, is it worth it to put one’s self at great health risks to lose so much weight in so short time, and then to regain everything back with diseases? So if you are thinking of losing weight rapidly, think again.

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