Why Fad Diets Do Not Work Without Lifestyle Changes

diet-forksOne of the biggest losers in the health department is the weight management industry. And by losers, it means literally losing money paying for fad diets and other weight loss programs. Despite the proliferation of scams and programs that simply do not work, it remains to be a big and expanding industry.

If the industry is booming, it is because of human nature to want to have everything without doing what is necessary. Shortcuts are the main reason.

No matter how much scientists and researchers have learned: people, by nature, want instant gratification. Instead of losing weight the right way, there’s the option of starving to death, getting on diets with the promise of losing weight fast. And then there’s the knife, and a lot of people even go to other countries for surgeons to remove their fat tissue.

But if someone is considering losing weight, the right attitude or mindset is to think of the reason why. For most people, it is to look beautiful and attractive. Just like using chemicals on makeups to look pretty at the cost of potential health risks - the shortcuts in losing weight are similar.

Losing weight should always be about getting healthier. As such, it begins with changing one’s lifestyle. Unless one were to do so, then what makes one think that simply losing weight now guarantees there would be no rebound effect? That is why fad diets fail. People using fad diets lose weight but it does not address the main reason for the excess weight, lifestyle, and science.

Unless the reason why people crave for food and carbohydrates is controlled, then a year or two after losing weight, expect to gain back all those weights lost and possibly even gain more. The culprit here is sugar. So, losing weight safely begins with the mindset of wanting to get healthier, and then cutting down on sugar, among several other changes treated on the pages of this website.